Project financing or providing loans and guarantees for business cases, in which the successful implementation is an important assumption for keeping the client\'s creditworthiness and thereby
for the repayment of the loan to bank as well, belong to common loan products for all important banks.

The assessment of technical feasibility of such projects, inspection of contractual security of supplies, monitoring during construction stage, checking the purpose of drawing credit funds are services provided by INSPEKTA CZ, which both banks and investment companies reduce their risks associated with providing such loans and with project implementation.

Potential participation
of the inspection company


The assessment of technical feasibility of the case before
the start of the financing which includes assessment of:

  • contract
  • insurance contracts
  • time-schedule feasibility
  • budget feasibility
  • project preparation
  • procurement
  • materials and financial back-up


Periodic inspections during the realisation of the contract including:

  • verification of the purpose of loan utilisation and inserting
    the equity of the borrower
  • inspection manufacturing / construction stage of Project
  • monitoring of budget and schedule keeping
  • inspection of work-in-process of major subcontracts
  • monitoring of negative effects
  • reporting to the bank

Range of usage

financing of projects
and investment units

civil engineering

power engineering

petrochemical engineering

mechanical engineering

financing the important
subcontracts of the projects



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