Commodities are popular among the trading companies and bank houses on one hand as a trade item and on the other hand as a form of security instrument as well. That is thanks to their properties, especially easy and relatively stable tradeability.

 Supervision services provided by INSPEKTA CZ belong to traditional instruments which both banks and traders reduce their risks involved in granting loans and in trading with commodities.

Potential participation scope
of the inspection company

  • Inspection of warehouses´ faculty with regard to its suitability for long-term storage of the respective commodity
  • Inspection of the package condition and its suitability for storage or transport
  • Regular monitoring of quality and quantity (stocktaking/inventories) during storage at intervals determined by the bank + issuing the CERTIFICATES OF IDENTITY confirming the identity of the goods to a particular
    Stock or Warrant List 
  • One-shot inspection of quality and quantity (during receipt
    or release the goods) in a warehouse + issuing the CERTIFICATE OF QUALITY / CERTIFICATE OF QUANTITY event. other documentary evidence according to the instructions
    of the bank or the client 



Range of usage

Financing the purchase of commodities

raw materials

Securing loans by the pledge of commodities



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